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Meet the Artist

Jonathan found his love of photography and light while working in Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 1999. During his time there, he mentored under a professional photographer that taught him how to see and capture light - the very foundation of photography. Upon returning home to St. Louis after that summer, he began pursuing a career in professional photography. In 2002, Jonathan accepted a position with a St. Louis Studio as a portrait & wedding photographer and studied under five different master photographers. In 2006, he and his wife Lindsay moved to Colorado and opened Jonathan Betz Photography in Colorado Springs.

Today, Jonathan has earned his Masters of Photography degree and recognition as a Certified Professional Photographer from The Professional Photographers of America. His work has been recognized with honors at the national and international level. Jonathan served five terms as the President of the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs and continues his leadership on the Board of Directors. He has also served on the Board of Directors for state and regional professional photography organizations. He's committed to lifelong learning and continually seeking to elevate his craft through continuing education and teaching opportunities to help younger photographers refine their skills and businesses.

studio headshots colorado springs

Meet the Studio Manager

Lindsay joined the photography industry when she and Jonathan moved to Colorado in 2006, filling the integral role of studio management in the business. Our client families benefit from her guidance for everything before and after the photography session.

As she has embraced the photography industry, she loves the opportunities to teach and present to the community of professional photographers from her expertise on the business side of photography. She regularly teaches photography communities across local, state, and regional levels and has enjoyed opportunities to speak on the national platform. In 2019, she earned her Photographic Craftsman degree that recognizes those in the photography industry that serve through professional-level teaching. In the national organization Professional Photographers of America (PPA), she was elected to the National Council in 2016 and continues that leadership for a second term. She also serves on the PPA Education Advisory Board Committee. Additionally, she has served on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs since 2015.

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